the raison group 

Recognized for leadership in rural hospital network development, FQHC New Starts, Expansions, and Lookalikes, private clinic development, serving the needs of both public and private sector agencies.

PROPOSAL WRITING ASSISTANCE -- We specialize in Section 330 FQHC New Start and Lookalike applications 

PLANNING -- Successful projects begin with well constructed, workable plans. We can assist in identifying and assessing your planning needs. Then we'll help design a workable plan to achieve your desired outcome. 

FIELD RESEARCH: DESIGN, PROCEDURES & METHODOLOGY -- We have extensive experience in statistical research methods, secondary data analysis, interview techniques and focus group discussions. We deliver an understandable, easy-to-interpret analysis with specific data to help your long-range planning. 


  • Physician Recruitment
  • Marketing / Promotional Material (including Web development)
  • Expansion / Renovation Grant Assistant
  • CONs
  • Skill level evaluations
  • Workforce training; labor development
  • Community planning and grantwriting assistance
  • Community asset analysis
  • Partnership with contractors and area educational institutions
WEB PAGE AUTHORING -- Let us help you design, construct and launch your company web site.  
When we're not working, we're "Raison Paso Finos."  
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